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Omega Flightmaster

I´ve had for now 33 years an omega flightmaster watch and I would like to know its value in the market. It is the c.911 model with the yellow hands.

If anyone can help me I´d really appreciate it.

chao gracias.
All pricing and value question have to be answered via email in accordance with TZ rules. Please post an email address so people can respond to your question.

Also, please tell us more about your watch, such as the condition it's in, if it have the original box and papers, and what the dial looks like. It will help to determine the value of your watch.


Best Regards,


Omega Forum Moderator
When your watch gets out of order you have a choice of two things to do: throw it in the fire or take it to the watch-tinker. The former is the quickest. -MT
By searching through eBay.

Try going to select the "search" option, then "advanced search" & scan for "flightmaster -seiko" ( this will filter out the seikos). Don't forget to tick ( or if you are American, check) the search completed items box. If you don't think the world stops at the American boundaries, you can also tick the "items located in" button & change the contents of the box to be "any country".

This will show you how the auction results for the last 3 months or so.

Don't forget condition plays a large role in the price, as does location & "extras" - such as papers, original box etc etc.

I haven't noticed a difference in price due the chrongraph hands being red or yellow.

I hope this answers your question.

I don't believe I have contravened any TZ rules & would dearly have loved to have quoted some prices, but apparently we are not supposed to do that anymore.

Shame, one of the reasons I come ( & it is now almost - used to enjoy coming ) here is to learn & share info....

Steve - a great place to find Omega brochures, owners manuals & more !
Confusion say :- Man with 1 watch KNOW time. Man with 2 watches never sure !
Does this mean Keith has to stop showing MSRP prices too ?? Chuck Maddox ( Article index @
"I don't claim to know why "net prices paid" is verbotten specifically."


I've wondered this myself and as near as I can guess, it is an accomodation to any sponsors that may advertise on here and whose business is selling watches. It wouldn't make much sense to advertise at the top of the page if all of the messages below are "you can get that watch at wholesale at" That would make it hard for the sponsors to sell at a profit to here users and therefore undermine the revenue of here.

Anybody have any other theories on the origin of this rule?
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