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Omega watch faces. Acrylic crystal / sapphire crystal?

I have an omega speedmaster professional. I scratched the face the other day so phoned up my local dealer to find out about changing the face to sapphire crystal. He said you can't. Why do omega use acrylic crystal and not the real thing. It seems a bit sub standard. Is there any advantage of having acrylic ?

You can read it in FAQ.

Acrylic crystal can easily be polished
and a small correction to mr windchill; "Moon watch used acrylic crystal to meet NASA's requirement" - when NASA tested Omega 27CHRC12, there was no synthetic sapphire available and glass was considered too fragile for wristwatches - so that was (and is) the standard. Omega didn't even know that NASA tested the watches before a couple of years after.

Today you can order Speedmaster Professional with synthetic sapphire crystal -

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To [word removed], a moonwatch without acrylic is not a moonwatch. I love the acrylic and the fact that it does get scratched, as it gives the watch a nice antiquey look. Plus it's easy enough to polish out. On top of that, it's much more shock resistant than sapphire

I think you have it the wrong way round.

Moon watch used acrylic crystal to meet NASA's requirement

NASA chose the speedmaster (as one of 6 possible candidates) because it had a non-glass crystal.

The speedmaster was generally available for quite a few years BEFORE NASA anonymously bought a few, tested them & chose it as the watch they would use.

They did not test any watches with glass crystals since the thinking was that if the crystal shattered, glass fragments in zero gravity could be lethal.

So the acrylic crystal was not fitted to meet NASA standards. But if it had not been fitted NASA would probably have never tested the speedmaster !

A small but , I feel, important point.

Steve - a great place to find Omega brochures, owners manuals & more !
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Thank you all
I like acrylic for the same exact reasons. Plus it gives the watch a certain character than saphyre cannot give. The acrylic crystal, in my experience, is only an issue to folks who have never owned a speedy. For those who own, or have owned them, it is a non-issue. In fact, we like it that way.
Answer: - a great place to find Omega brochures, owners manuals & more !
Confusion say :- Man with 1 watch KNOW time. Man with 2 watches never sure !
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