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Omega vs TAG Heuer

I've been looking at the online sellers that carry both brands and I often see that the Carrera Tachymeter either outprice or is sold at a price a little higher but never lower than the Speedmaster Pro. Anyone care to share why is this so? Afterall since the Speedmaster has a better history, shouldn't it fetch a better price? Could it be that the Carrera Tachy has higher demand than the Speedy Pro?

With the introduction of the Grand Carrera, it looks like TAG Heuer is also playing in Omega's space. So it's not like Omega is the only brand that is moving upscale.
Tag markets towards college age kids and fresh out of college grads so they are a tad bit more popular than Omega is for people in that age range. Through marketing and image techniques Tag has managed to put themselves right below Rolex in their minds. So when those people save up a little bit of cash and want a watch that shows they are starting to make it they buy a Tag.

In the eye of most watch collectors Tag is not on par with Omega and they have a long way to go to catch up with them. Tag doesn't have a factory like Omega does, the finish on their movements is pretty basic (outside of their concept watch which is an amazing movement in its own right), and the build of their cases isn't as nice as Omega's.

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The Speedmaster is a pure tool watch. Nothing trendy about it. As Damon said, Tag touts their watches to young just out of college kids, or young successful adults. These people are fashion oriented and want the latest and greatest. Tag has managed to fill this gap in their minds, and overall, Tag is less expensive than Omega, thus more obtainable to younger people. Most people, myself included, knew nothing about Omega until i was into my 30s, but Tags are everywhere. So, naturally, the Carrera will probably be more attractive to a wider audience, whereas the Speedy Pro is mainly attractive to watch enthusiasts. Also, the Speedy pro is a manual wind watch, again, more of an enthusiast tool watch than a fashion piece.

As to Tag playing in Omega's league. I would say that each brand has his own merits, and on some watches, Tag competes directly with Omega. I think that Tag may be moving up a little because Omega is also moving up with the introduction of its new caliber 8500 and its aiming at the Rolex crowd. I think naturally, due to its popularity, Tag is taking the step up because when Omega moves up, there will be a void that Tag may be able to take advantage of. I don't grow the beans, I just count them
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That is so true in Japan also. During the 80's and 90s, many young college kids were wearing Tags over there. But, I didn't really like their organic looking integrated bracelet design which were popular at that time. Instead, I went with the Speedmaster Reduced when I was 30 years old. I'm glad I did it. I can still wear it today.
I like the vintage Heuer Carrera or Monaco though. It seems that when watch makers decide to introduce the revival model of their classic models, they tend to set the price very high like the current Carrera line. But, that doesn't mean Tag is in the same league as OMEGA. Plus, OMEGA has such a great history of observatory contest in the 50s and 60s, which Tag doesn't.
mmm I have a different viewpoint. First let me say that TAG Heuer's history is just as rich in Motorsports as Omega's is in Space, if not more so. Omega is more robust as a mfg then TH, has a broader line and I will agree build quality is a notch better then TH, but not by as much as some will have you believe.

I own both, purchased a TH for their Motorsport Heritage. That was what attracted me to my Carrera Twin Time as well as the watch itself. I also think TAG Heuer does a much better job of marketing then Omega. FWIW Appreciate your time.
Until recently (which might be in the last 2-3 years), Tag Heuer was a marketing brand who subcontracted production to the companies Cortech (who produces the cases), Kohli (dials), and Morellato (bracelets). Assembly and was done by another company whose name I cannot remember. The facilities were then "tested" by Tag Heuer in a space that looked like a large warehouse. The "Old TZ" had videos of the testing, which IMO was not impressive.

Because of the stigmas attached to the "old" Tag Heuer brand (such as the fact that it was a largely quartz marketing brand who subcontracted production and assembly), LMVH has tried to re-market the brand back into the luxury watch segment -- especially with the 20's and 30's crowd.

Nowadays, about 25% of all Tag Heuer watchmaking/assembly is done by the company. Most of that 25% is for mechanical watches.

In a nutshell, Omega is a better brand, makes better watches, has better R&D, and is an excellent value. An upscale move in price (i.e., Tag Heuer, Bell & Ross, many other companies) does not always mean an upscale move in quality or technology. The power of marketing can make us perceive otherwise.

but Tag has a lower starting price point and fewer high end watches. It's marketing that creates perception and dictates value if successful.

Compare Rolex's Daytona to Tag's Link Calibre 36. Two equal watches, but one sells at a premium and the other at a discount.

I've tried them both, and preferred the Tag.
Tag makes some really nice watches. the Carrera, Monaco, and some other models which have been discontinued are great looking watches with very good finish. perhaps not as good as Omega, but still quite good. Heuer has a long and proud history. Tag doesn't get much respect on these boards, but in the real world it may actually be a more popular brand. A sinner, a fool or a devil or just a victim of life.
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