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Rolex 5513 Luminova dial?

I've seen the Rolex Luminova 5512 dials, but was such a replacement dial ever made by Rolex for the 5513? (matte dial without wg surrounds). If so, any pics?
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The 5513 was offered with the glossy dial with WG surrounds towards the end of it's career, so Rolex only makes the modern version as a replacement.
Here's the thing: The 5512 and the 1675 GMT Master were both watches that never had the modern glossy dial, they were discontinued before the modern dials arrived. Hence, when you send one for service and it needs a new dial Rolex is nice enough to provide a matte dial with luminova markers. On the other hand, any Rolex that was offered with multiple dial types such as glossy, or with white lettering instead of red Rolex only offers the last variant of the dial as a replacement option.
For instance, the GMT 16750 was first offered with a matte dial, then for a few years with a glossy dial, just like the 5513. Hence, when a 16750 (or 5513) gets a new dial from Rolex it automatically gets a glossy dial, because that is (technically) the currently correct dial for the watch. Basically, Rolex assumes that the last thing they offered was the best, and that's your only option on replacement, tough noogies.

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