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How to remove the movement from the case...

as my seiko no 5's hour and minute hands don't align at 12:00?

pic would be appreciated/Thanks
>>> but be very careful. If you're not a watchmaker the odds of it going back together better than it was when you removed it are slim.

Step 1: Remove the caseback. Use an appropriate tool.

Step 2: Remove the stem from the movement. There is a small post with a dimple in the movement near where the stem enters the movement. You can see it here on this filthy movement right where the stem enters:

Press on it and pull the stem out. Press it in and insert the stem to reinsert the stem later.

3: Put a piece of clean paper over the back of the movement and flip the watch over. The movement should fall out.

Now, to align the hands, the correct way is to advance the time until the date flips (that's midnight), then remove the hands using a Presto tool (which is it's own trick) and put the hands back on at 12 o'clock. Without a presto tool to remove the hands, it's difficult. You may be able to nudge the hand correct, but odds are you'll just bend the hand or slip and damage the dial.

If it's a watch you care about, take it to a watchmaker. If it's a watch you don't mind experimenting on, go for it. If you really want to learn watchmaking, hang out in the Watchmaking & Repair Forum and take the TZ watch school!

Good luck,


Okay, here you can see the dimpled post near where the stem enters the movement to press on to release the stem.

Oh, and don't touch the movement anywhere but on the edges and be very careful. Also, I usually remove the rotor and auto complication before working on the movement to make it easier to handle.