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Info needed on Seiko repair

Any advice will be appreciated. I just ran across a Seiko LaSalle quartz alarm chrono that I forgot I owned. I bought the watch around 1990. I used the watch until the battery went dead and put it up. I just found the watch last week, went to my local jewelry store and had the battery replaced. The watch is not working, went back to the store went through about 5 more batteries to make sure it was not a battery issue. We have concluded it is more serious than a dead battery. The jeweler stated it appears that no moisture has entered the movement, but he could not determine the problem. The watch is in "like new" condition but none the less it is not working. Does anyone know who may be able to repair my quartz watch? Again it is a Seiko LaSalle chrono w/ alarm.

Thanks in advance

Jeff j. kozlowski
1111 Macarthur Blvd
Mahwah, NJ 07430-2124
201-529-3316 phone
201-529-4525 fax

I have a Lasalle quartz alarm chrono, Coserv above is the place to send it.