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vintage Seiko from the 1970's

This is my first Seiko board post. As a kid in 1971 or so, I had a crush on an automatic Seiko watch at Macy's. My father was such a sport. I will never forget the day I told him I wanted it and he paid $65 right on the spot. The watch was round, ss/bracelet, had a blue dial, and the winding stem was at 4 o'clock. I loved this watch. It would bring back great memories if I could get my hands on one. Does anybody know how I might be able to find the model number out and/or find a pre-owned one? Thanks for the help.
hi gud pm i have a lots of seiko vintage but i need some more info u can post some pics? or some more reference about it ?
have a nice day
Photo is of a 1969 Seiko 5 with 6119B movement - from the era you're asking about.

I have several vintage Seikos from 1969 into the mid-1970's. The Seiko 5's of that era used a 6119B or 6119C movement (depends on year). If you're looking for a specific one, check the Jayhawk Seiko Picture Database (see the link). It's quite extensive! In particular, browse through the 6000's as I believe that's where you'll find what you're looking for, but you may also want to poke through the 4000's, 5000's and 7000's (the 70XX movements are from that era).

When looking at the photos of the backs, the first two digits of the serial number indicates the year and month of manufacture. First digit is the year, the second is the month (with the letters O, N and D used for October, November and December). If it reads "Waterproof" it's from about 1969 or earlier; if it reads "Water Resistant" it's from about 1970 or later. Jayhawk's Watch Photograph Database John Lind
Wow. Thanks so much for that site. I will look at it.