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More zany Space-Age names & designs...

...from my favorite vintage line: Rado.
I just acquired some ca. 1970 Rados with particularly retro-sounding space-/jet-age names. Behold the Rado Stratojet and Marstron. The former houses an A Schild 1858 automatic and sports translucent blue markers suspended from the crystal. The latter is powered by an ESA Dynotron 9154 electro-mechanical movement and, oddly, has the rotating anchor logo usually reserved for automatic watches.
Please share your space-age watches.
Thanks for looking.
The Stratojet and the Marstrom....freakin' cool! I've got to get me one of those Marstroms, I love the atom logo at the bottom.
"Guess what? I got a fever. And the only more cowbell!" stophmaster's website
about a guy that modified some 2824's for NASA so that they would run based on sols (Mars time) rather than earth time. Your Marstron doesn't take 24 hours and 40 or so minutes per "day", does it?
...and the people who operated them. They operated on Mars time for the quite lengthy periods when they could operate the rovers. I can't recall any detail about the time references they used as to whether they had modified personal watches or just relied on computer-based timing.
Nice watches out there. Very funky & retro looking.
Here are a few of my-space age ones.
A Camy Sputnik
I like te venus logo of Enicar & the red dot on the seconds hand
Titoni COSMO 22
Another Tressa Laserbeam
The seamaster 'COSMIC'... one of my favourites
Time waits for no Man
I expect "Missilemaster" was a pretty hip name at the time.
This is stretching things a bit, but the Enicar Saturn logo is a bit spacey.
This Croton "transi-tronic" quartz would have sounded modern in the 1970s.
The "Thermatron" was before its time!
...and here's one I don't own, but I like the name of this Zenith tuning fork.
(Watch owned by TomG).
they were all modified by the one watchmaker.
I am much more interested in the funky-shaped cases Hamilton used with Automatic movements than the more common Electric ones.
That's a fine example!
...I once had one similar to that...with a factory display-back. IMO, Octo ranks up there with Enicar, Titoni and Mido as quality watches to be found at good prices. And, it would seem, not as many have been 'doctored' as have watches from Rado and some other brands that have strong followings.