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Which watch to repair? Cressine or Benrus?

I posted this in the repair forum, but thought I'd put it here as well.
I've got two old watches. The Cressine (circa 1950s, I'm guessing) is from my mom's estate, so it has sentimental value to me. One is an old Benrus from the 20s, with white gold case, very pretty, no band. I bought it off ebay (seller advertised it as running, but it wasn't running by the time it was shipped to me.)
I had them looked at by two different watch repair people to assess what it would take to get them running and useable.
One repair guy said they both needed cleaning and adjustment, and the Cressine needed a new stem (stem is missing). To do this for either of them, they estimated $160., which I took to mean that the Cressine would be cheaper to work on, since stem replacement was included in that price.
The second guy estimated the Cressine stem, cleaning and repair at $85; estimated the Benrus at 160. However, he said the Benrus needed something replaced (clutch to something) and the parts were impossible to get; so he said his idea of repairing it would be to replace the innards with a quartz movement and keep the face (and hopefully the original hands as well, though he couldn't guarantee that).
I'm queasy about this idea of replacing the innards; have any of you heard of doing this, and was it successful?
Which do you think I should repair, and in what way? I'm surprised the first shop didn't mention anything about replacing parts for the Benrus - they just thought it needed cleaning and adjusting. WWYD next?
Thanks for any opinions on this. I like both watches and could go either way. The cressine would make a comfy everyday watch, and the Benrus a lovely dress watch.
Here's a link to a pic of the backs of the watches:
Hi. Dump the second guy in a hurry. If you need bits that can't be found get another watch as a parts donor. The Benrus is really quite nice and should be restored to original. Cheers Phil
Phil S
both :)
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would be the first option, as it has attachment to your family. A stem is a minor part to replace, but the estimates high in my opinion.
Benrus parts are easily found even for vintage watches, so save that one for later, as you can locate a working movement for far less even.
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Yes, I thought the first estimate was a bit high too, which is why I looked for a second opinion. Problem is, the jeweler doesn't do the watch work themselves, but take the repairs to someone in an adjacent city. I think the inflated price reflects the jewelery store's 'cut'.
I got the second guy's name from someone who told me he's a certified Rolex repairman. Maybe he was just trying to get rid of me and my declasse watches by offering to replace the movement with quartz...
I'm leaning toward getting the Benrus repaired first. I'm encouraged to hear that you folks think that there might be parts out there...if they're necessary.
I appreciate your opinions and the time you took to address my question. Thanks!!