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Free 1939 Elgin Sales Catalog with around 300 wrist watches

Hi.I'm not sure why I've never mentioned this before, but I have made a 1939 Elgin Sales Catalog available online. It a color catalog with around 300 wrist watch models. One of the things I find surprising about this catalog is the emphasis on ladies' wrist watches, especially considering how uncollectible they are considered today. This sales catalog also has some pocket watches near the back, and even a few clocks.You can view this catalog online, or you can download printable versions.One question I have is that there is a table of "model numbers" with prices and illistrations in the very back of the catalog. I do not know if these model numbers corrispond the the numbers found on the inside of the watch cases or not. I'm afraid I don't collect wrist watches, so I can't tell. Can anyone make any sense of this table? Is it useful for anything?-wayne
The Elgin Watch Collectors Website
...I don't have any Elgin wrsitwatches (yet!), but I'll be interested to try to track down some of my pocket watches on this catalogue.Paul.
Very interesting webpage. I noticed that all the watches have a size listed such as 18/0 or 8/0, etc. How does this correspond to a typically measured watch (i.e 19mmx30mm)?thanks,
Answer: article by Rob B. which allows you to convert the sizes, Rob - click on the link below.Paul. Watch Movement Measuring Systems