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Pierce watches

This is my first post but have been lurking [and learning] for some time.
Can anyone help me find info about Pierce watches on the internet? Thought it would be cool to learn or even own a watch from a manufacturer with my name.
Thanks for your time,
Dan Pierce
Pierce's are, in my opinion, pretty neat watches. They are not easy watches for beginners, though.
The reason is that Pierce was a fairly daring company in terms of movement design. They made automatics, chronographs, and even an alarm watch, and all of them were radically different in construction than those of the rest of the Swiss industry. I think it's for this reason that a decent number of pretty good watchmakers won't accept Pierces for repair.
I have a Pierce 134 chronograph that I restored from scrap condition. I don't think it was really that bad to work on, but it was definitely different. The good news is that their watches are pretty well made and parts availability, at least for the chronographs, is very good. There are even a lot of spare NOS dials available.
I found this link to some good pictures of a Pierce chrono. This is the same one that I have, although his dial is a good original one, and mine is a good redial. I think he's wrong in dating this watch from the 30's, though, I expect it's more like late 40's.
Sorry, but I don't know of any comprehensive Pierce history sites.
Good luck,
Paul Pierce Chronograph
Thanks for the word of caution. I read somewhere about the issues you have raised. Should be fun learning more about the brand though.
All the best,
Dan Pierce