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Vintage Le Jour Watch

Hi Folks,
I was given a seemingly old "Le Jour" watch as a gift and have tried to figure out the origin and other info but there seems to be nothing online available so maybe someone here has come across this watch brand before.
My watch is a stainless steel dual chronograph with black face, white dials and green numbers. It looks pretty old and it is missing one of the buttons.
Any idea as to where this watch comes from? Is this a rare brand? Is this watch worth anything?
Answer: was a diver's version and the other just a plain black-dial chronograph. Both LeJours I owned were powered by the Valjoux 7733 movement (non-column wheel, 2-reg., no date) which is a nice, but not particularly noteworthy movement. IIRC, it was a Venus design that was adopted by Valjoux when the two companies merged (is this correct?). LeJour may have used other Valjoux movements; I know they used variations of the 7733 (eg, 7734 with date).
LeJour, so far as I know, is/was a French company that assembled watches of many types--chronos, divers, coin watches, novelty watches, dress watches--but did not manufacture them. Some of the LeJour pieces I have seen had movements labeled "J. Pingouin Watch Co." which may have been an associated company or a spullier to LeJour.
They are not especially rare or valuable, but a good example of the black dial diver's chronograph will often fetch a few hundred dollars or more if it turns up on eBay. They made solid watches, I would say, of reliable and durable parts. I know of no one who collects LeJour specifically, nor any repair centers, but fixing such a watch could probably be done easily by someone who specializes in vintage chronographs. Craig Bergsma of might be of assistance in doing repairs of locating parts...he's a great source of info on this sort of thing.
Best regards,
thanks Brad, I actually found a site called based out of New York. Some guy answered the phone and wasn't particularly nice or interested in helping me out, but instead said that all inquiries were to be in writing....Anyways, I think this may be the North American rep or something.
Thanks for the detailed info, it's amazing how this watch co. just fell off the planet it seems like....