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Some Crotons (Nivada Grenchen)...

Here are some examples of Croton watches from back in the 40s, 50s, and 60sFirst is an example of a Croton "Antarctic" from the 60s. I believe that the "Antarctic" name came from Antarctic expeditions being conducted by the U.S. Navy in the late 50s. I like this Antarctic model best because of the "snow mounds" which have been designed into the dial. This shows up better in the second photograph.
Here's another "Antarctic" model with a chronometer rating. This one is branded as "Nivada Grenchen".
Next is an older Croton from the late 40s or early 50s. This watch has an early waterproofing feature. The case is two part where the back (holding the dial & movement) is pressed against the front, crystal & gasket with four screws located near the base of the lugs (see second picture)
Here's an Croton Nivada Grenchen "Aquamatic" automatic from the same time period. Aquamatic presumably refers to the "water proofing" of the case which is similar to the watch above.
Finally here is another gold-filled Croton Aquamatic with a somewhat more conventional waterproofing system. Here the back is held on with four screws rather than being a screw-on back. See the second picture.
Thanks Jim,
Great pictures. You have some very nice Crotons. I have picked up a few and am very happy with them. Am wearing a Croton Nivada Grenchen manual wind with black dial today (no picture as I'm travelling this week, but I'll try to add one when I return).
I've gone on a bit of a binge with them and have also ended up with 4 aquamatics (one that is a Croton Nivada Grenchen aquamatic), an Antarctic that is being shipped to me, and a large Croton manual wind that needs go go in for service as it's a few minutes fast.
As someone new to watch collecting, they can allow someone like me to pick some very nice watches without spending a huge amount of money.