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Gruen Deco Style

Is this Gruen from the 20's or the 30's ? It has a 15 jewel round Gruen Guild movement. The serial number on the movement is 194xxx.
TZ does not use [IMG] syntax.
I'd guess your watch is from the late 20s or early 30s.
Thanks for the image help and your observation.

I hope someone out there can shere his or her experience with Gruen watches from the 20's and 30's. If possible shows us some nice examples of that period.
Hi there, you guessed the age right, it is a watch from the 20's and 30's, probably more confined to after 1925 and before 1933 or so. I have a 1929 Gruen catalog showing a very similar style to yours in 'nickel tarnish proof case' retailing for $25. Can't tell if yours is nickel or not, could be gold filled then the value would be almost twice as much. Comparison from other styles shows that the engraving and enameling on the case are not charged extra. I have several women's Gruen watches from this era that if I find time to take pics I'll show here.
Ben Hsiung
Mine is a gold filled.
Mid-'20s to early '30s for sure. Shugart shows many examples of very similar Gruens within this time frame. One is very close to your watch - - noted as 1928.
Regards from Sunny San Diego!
This is a quick pic of one from my projects box next to it's illustration from a February 1930 dealer's supplement.
Here is the link to your photo.
I wonder your case back ref# and the movement is as same as mine. My watch's movement is 3 adjustment movement and case ref# on inside of the case back cover is 705 87 with a space between 705 and 87 as shown. I also noticed that the click of the movement is of some unusual kind. It is not the knd that we normally see.
I included your link in the earler reply because I had had problem seeing your photo for some reason at first.You photo is very intersting. Thank you so much.I am also planning to relume the hands and a new crystal for the watch. The movement needs a service as well. Your watch's applied dial looks very nice. Mine is a luminous dial as you can see. The luminous material on the dial is stil in good shape.