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New guy needs a little help:

I was given a box of my grandfather's old jewlery. Inside were these four watches. I don't think they're really expensive pieces, but I would like to know everything I can about them (since I've never heard of any of these companies other than Bulova).
From left to right this is what they say on them:
-Benrus (on the back: 10k rolled gold plate bezel, stainless steel back, 564124)
-Accutron (back: Bulova, Waterproof, Stainless steel, 10 KT Gold Filled Bezel, Patented, M7, C14300)
-Sindaco Swiss Made (back: Base Metal Top, Stainless Steel Back, Swiss made)
- Lord Nelson, Lifetime Mainspring, Hong Kong (Back: Stainless Steel Back, Antimagnetic)
Interestingly, after at least 20 years in a box, the Lord Nelson and Sindaco both worked once wound, the Benrus didn't, and the Accutron needs a battery. I actually want to wear the Lord Nelson since it looks brand new and seems to be keeping pretty accurate time. But, I'm afraid to mess it up or loose it.
Also, If I took these to a jeweler would they be able to clean them up for me and fix the Benrus, or should I just leave them alone?
Another picture:

If you want to wear them get them serviced and remove the old Accutron battery before it leaks (if it hasn't already done so)
The watches will definitely need lubricating before use although it is interesting that the Sindaco and lord Nelson are running as they are probably quite lowly movements with little jewelling but in my experience they are the types of movement that will go no matter how long they are stored.
A nice little collection.
Cheers, Neil.
By the way, I popped the movement out of the Benrus and it says it is a BA 2. Any info on that movement?