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I have an old CLINTON WATCH, extremely curved, long face... appears to be RGP but has no markings to indicate... stainless steel back by I.D.W.C. Co.. Movement is 7 jewels with CXH engraved. CXH registered Swiss trademark for Avis W. FY and Clinton.
Does ANYONE know any history about Clinton Watch Company or Avis W. Fy? Wondering if it worth the time and $$$ to bring this puppy back to life. RGP case is in excellent condition. THANKS for your help!
What is the watch worth to you?
Are you trying to make money from the resale of the fixed watch?
- difficult to do with brands less valued than Rolex, Omega, etc
Or do you mean it's a treasured family heirloom and you want to have an idea of how long the fixed watch will last or if it's a throw away?
- with regular servicing every few years or so, and not damaged by misuse, it should last for decades. Many of the first watches made (in the early 1900s) still run
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