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Vintage Movado identification

Hello (again),
I also have a Movado from my father and again I am curious from what time it is and what model it is. It appears that the watch dial is silver-plated and oxidized. Can this be cleaned or what's the process there?
Unfortunately, that may be as close as you can get to an identification. The Movado factory is not very friendly to vintage collectors.
I had an e-mail exchange with Movado a while ago regarding a vintage identification, and they insisted that the watch had to be sent to Switzerland for the "experts" to look at it. I guess they never thought to save their old catalogs, like Omega.
The oxidation on your dial may have been caused by someone trying to clean the dial at some point in tis life. This is likely not reversable. The only solution is to have the dial refinished.
Hope this helps,
After poking around in a watch archive, Id suggest late 50s. Somewhere around end of 50s Movado added the M over a chevron above their printed logo and this watch does not have it. Otherwise the dial could be late 50s into 60s with the bar indexes.
Cheers, Ch@rlie
The book "The Movado History" by Fritz von Osterhausen (Schiffer Books)lists movements and the years of production. If you can post a picture of the movement, perhaps a year range can be identified. Serial number and case reference numbers would also be helpful. There is a picture of a watch from 1955 with the chevron/M logo, and many later watches without that logo. I would assume that the dial is coated with a lacquer, and cleaning it would be risky unless done by a dial restoration service. Silver can be cleaned by immersing in a hot baking powder/water solution is an aluminum container - I think the silver has to sit on the alu surface for it to work. You have a really nice looking vintage watch, the dial looks good to me as is.
These are the case numbers I got: 2684816 and 8638. The watchmater also gave me a caliber # C260.
I am currently having it cleaned at the watchmaker, but I will leave the watch-dial as it is.