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Value estimate of a Rolex Oster Perpetual DATE watch

This is a Rolex I inherited. It has no visible numbers on the shell and is called an "Oster Perpetual" "DATE" at the top of the face and "Superlative Chronometer" "Offically Certified" at the bottom of the face.
It is at least 30 years old. It runs fine and keeps accurate time. I was wondering what the watch may be worth?
Answer: may have to remove the straps/bracelet to do so.
The numbers there should tell you the model number (4 digits for older watches) which you can use to compare with selling prices on eBay and other sites where vintage Rolexes are offered.
TZ rules forbid discussions of value, so I'll decline to guesstimate. Sounds like what you may have is a Ref. 1500 or similar. I used to have one (made in 1970)...does yours look like this?:
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My watch looks exactly like the one you pictured. I did remove the strap on the 12 O:clock end but no numbers were visible. Should there be numbers there? Do you have any idea as to the value of a fair condition watch of this vintage?
The numbers between the lugs are 450280 or there may be a "1" in front of them so that it reads 1450280 just below the words "Stainless Steel" and on the other end it says "Registered Design" then below is "1500".
I would say $ 1000 - $ 1500
They do?
I couldn't find it even when I looked.
Anyone who saw the stuff I collect would realize that resale value isn't the motivation, but what would be the purpose of this rule?
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Exactly. It is a Reference 1500 Oyster Perpetual Date model. The other number is the serial number.
These are often seen on eBay and you should search there for the range of market prices. Also, you might search TZ's own Sales Corner to see what prices have been asked/offered recently. This is a common Rolex model.
Two reasons I can think of:
People in a position of authority (very knowledgable or whose word would be taken without question) could be in a position to dictate the market price (unfairly) of watches they intend to sell. It's very hard to police this sort of thing and easy to abuse.
If every newbie with a vintage watch came here asking for value estimates, we'd never have any space to discuss more arcane topics such as why Movado used a squiggly hand on the 95M chronograph or whether the Accutron 214 or 218 models are more "collectible."
any estimates given would only be guesses. Some much more educated and thoughtful than others, but all guesses nonetheless.
It especially doesn’t make much sense to get into value estimates considering that it is so easy to search eBay for completed auctions on the same model and you will find numerous real, concrete, free-market values rather than best-guess estimates.

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Eric G.

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An erroneous "estimate" given on a forum post could ultimately cause loss of money for a seller or a buyer.
Further, a bad deal might drag the reputation of here along with it, even though they had nothing to do with it.
People have sued over less.

Would be awful if new watch posts included final prices paid - and subsequent comments of "what a steal" or "wow, you paid too much!". Imagine the hurt feelings with the (previously) happy buyer, or other readers who may have paid more or less.
Yuck, would rather talk about watches.

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Just to get this straight my range was based on Antiquorum so it´s probably pretty conservative as that market is more knowledgable that Ebay imho.
Hi timefox,
Sorry, I should have been more careful in my phrasing. My post speculates why TZ has the regulation in general (in response to bjohnson's question).
Welcome :)
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